General Membership + TT




General Membership + Turning Targets (TT) will be active from the day of payment through the end of the membership year*. WRRC does not prorate dues. This membership included access to WRRC (All outdoor ranges) and the Turning Target System on the TT Range from 8:00 AM to close.

IMPORTANT: The Turning Target System uses a separate card. If you do not already have a TT card, you will need to swing by the next Member Renewal night to pick up your card. It is also required for Turning Target Members to watch our short orientation video (LINK)

IMPORTANT: The volunteers who manage our gate system will get expired memberships reactivated as soon as possible. We shoot for within 10 business days of renewal to have your card reactivated. In the future, you can avoid this wait by renewing for the next year before the current year runs out (renew between October 1st and January 1st or any given year).

Membership Year runs from January 1st to December 31st with unpaid memberships being deactivated January 2nd. Yearly payments will be available in October, for example. If you renew on 10/1/2023 your membership will be good through 1/2/2025. Starting 10/1/2024 you could renew your membership, which would be good through 1/1/2026.

Alternatively, if you don’t renew until 3/1/2024 your access card would have been deactivated on 1/2/2024. Renewing on 3/1/2024 means your membership will be good until 1/2/2025.


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