Days until 2023 memberships expire:


Current Dues: General ($120) | Add-ons: Turning Targets ($15), Gallery ($40) CASH OR CHECK ONLY

Renew your membership

Safety and Orientation is required every 5 years. At this time we are only able to offer renewals in person. CASH OR CHECK ONLY. You can avoid lapses in your membership by renewing before the end of the calendar year (Oct-Dec). Renewals take place, in person, before, during, and after S&O. Renewals and S&O are held at the clubhouse unless otherwise posted.

Because of issues with the gate that prevented renewals, 2023 Memberships will remain active until 2/20/2024. Please plan to renew.

Safety and Orientation (New Members/Retake)

In order to keep WRRC running safely and smoothly we require all new members to take a Safety and Orientation course to join our club. Existing members are required to retake S&O every five years after that to maintain their membership.

Safety and Orientation is normally held at 2800 Number 2 Canyon Rd, Wentatchee, WA 98801 unless otherwise specified, click the button below to see upcoming S&O classes.

At this time WRRC is unable to offer online renewals or take payments by card. All renewals are CASH OR CHECK ONLY. 

Frequently asked questions about WRRC Membership (FAQ):

  • Why can I not renew online/use a card? In the past we used PayPal, they chose to not work with us any longer. We have been actively searching to bring online renewals back but need to do so in a way that ensures and credit card processor supports our organization and will not attempt to hold funds because we are gun club. If you are willing to help have technical experience working with this sort of software, API, and payment integration please reach out to
  • Why doesn’t my card work at the gate? This is either you have not renewed your membership (Memberships run from 1/1 to 12/31 of each calendar year). Or your card is broken. Either way if you have questions come to any of our S&O Classes at 5:30PM and we’ll be happy to help you out. Or, email and include a picture of your current membership card and key card, both front and back (even if it is blank).
  • Do you prorate dues? We do not prorate membership dues. This is the reason we do not hold S&O in August or September. Jan-July membership costs are what they are. October through the end of any year we start handing out the next years memberships. For example, if you join /renew [a] WRRC Membership in July of 2024 your membership will end 12/31/2024. If you join/renew on 10/1/2024 your membership will end 12/31/2025.
  • Can I mail in a check? No, you cannot mail in a check, if you do this anyway we may or may not mail your check back to you. The check will be shredded and disposed of.
  • Do I need to register or sign up for Safety and Orientation? No preregistration or sign up is required. Please show up early if you are taking S&O.
  • How do I know if I need S&O? Safety and Orientation is required by all members when they join and every five years after that. If you are unsure check the front (2024 Memberships and newer) or the back (older memberships) of your membership card. The year listed there is the year you need to retake. For example, if the back of your card says 2021/2026, you will need to retake S&O in order to renew for 2026 (even if you are renewing during the 2025 calendar year). Err on the side of caution, if you are unsure show up early (5:30PM) to Renewal nights, that way if you do require S&O you can take the 6:00PM class.
  • How long is S&O? We do our best to keep it under 1 hour. This is somewhat dependent on the number of questions. Processing paper work is not included in this time and is dependent on how many members/new members are present.